About Thornbury Leg Vein Clinic

Kathy de Langley R.N.Thornbury Leg Vein Clinic was founded by Kathy de Langley R.N. in 2013 serving Thornbury, Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, Meaford, Owen Sound, and Port Elgin areas. We provide assessment and treatment for leg vein problems. Unsightly spider veins as well as large varicose veins can be treated.

Kathy has been registered with the College of Nurses of Ontario since 1986. Since 1999, she has been providing sclerotherapy and laser treatments, having had formalized training as well as years of clinical experience. Thornbury Leg Vein Clinic Medical Director is Dr. Tim Remillard who has also taken specialized training in sclerotherapy vein treatments.

Prescription and custom fitting of medical compression socks and stockings are also provided. Athletic performance compression socks as well as travel socks are also available. Medical compression leg wear is proven to help alleviate swelling, discomfort and other problems associated with chronic venous insufficiency caused by work-related sitting, standing, and driving.

Thornbury Leg Vein Clinic clients first see Kathy for a complementary 30-minute assessment and consultation. Then, they are seen by Dr. Remillard for a medical evaluation before commencing their treatments.